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Volunteers will offer technical and medical assistance on busy streets

In a first for China, a new motorbike rescue team took to the road in Qingdao, Shandong province, last week.

The team was founded by the Qingdao Voluntary Road Rescue Team, a volunteer organization made up of local drivers.

"Due to increasing traffic in the city, it"s difficult to reach accident scenes fast, so we decided to start the motorbike service team to solve the problem," said Tian Pengfei, director of the road rescue team.

Lu Feng initiated the motorbike team two months ago. He said the most pressing tasks are to increase training for members while creating complete regulations and management rules. After that, members will perform rescue missions and promote safe driving.

"In addition to their agility, which allows them to avoid traffic backups, motorbikes have many other advantages," he said.

Lu said motorbikes consume less fuel than cars and take up less space, which could help conserve energy, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and increase traffic mobility. However, many motorcyclists in China drive in a dangerous way, tarnishing the overall image.

"Therefore, one of our most important missions is to restore people"s trust and interest in motorbikes, to better protect the environment and use resources more efficiently," Lu said.

Each rescue bike is equipped with GPS, a walkie-talkie, a high-visibility vest with an air bag, a portable fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit.

As bikes can move faster than an ambulance through heavy traffic, the team plans to undertake important tasks such as transporting automated external defibrillators to those in need on behalf of the Emergency Care Center.

Tian founded the Qingdao Voluntary Road Rescue Team in 2004. It now has more than 2,000 members, who take part in regular training courses and tests.

As of Sept 5, the organization had completed 2,059 missions, including 2,005 vehicle rescues, 37 involved in first-aid assistance, and 17 in support of firefighting services, Tian said.

"With sufficient training, we can offer professional assistance when others are afraid of helping injured strangers," he said.

On Sept 1, an elderly man was injured in a car accident on Zhoukou Road, suffering multiple fractures. A passing motorbike rescue team member, Liu Shaojie, stopped to offer assistance. He prevented one bystander from touching the victim"s injured arm, and used a towel and some cardboard to create a splint, telling the man to stay still and wait for an ambulance.

Liu said it is important that injured people receive professional treatment, otherwise secondary injuries might occur and Good Samaritans could be sued. In a worst-case scenario, the injured party could falsely accuse a helper of causing injury.

In May, the team successfully performed an escort mission, guiding a car to a hospital downtown during rush hour so a severed finger could be reattached.

Most of the time, the team helps stranded drivers with tasks such as recharging batteries and changing flat tires.

"No matter whether it is fixing cars or saving lives, it is all about helping others and building trust among strangers in China," Tian said. "I"m proud of every small good deed that our members do every day."

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(China Daily 11/02/2017 page7)